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September 11, 2010

Causes of Traffic Accident in Cambodia

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This research paper purposely studies the “Causes of Traffic Accident in Cambodia” from 2007-2010. The study areas are limited to both cities and provinces where traffic crashes have become a very serious problem. As noted by government, NGOs, World Bank, and other related agencies, the road causalities are now a second leading cause of death in Cambodia. This is the highest rate in ASEAN, so it must be taken into concern immediately.

Many reliable and recent sources are the same way proposed the four leading causes of traffic accident including (1) Human Errors, (2) Road Environment, (3) Vehicle Defects, (4) and Weather Conditions. Frist, it is found that the human errors contribute almost every cause (i.e. 94.94%, according to RCVI annual report 2009) of the total road crashes. In the report, it is usually related to speed, drunk driving, dangerous overtaking, not respect right of way, change direction without due care, driving against flow of traffic, driving without helmet, and others. Second, there is a problem with the road environment which is responsible for 2% of the causes such as potholes, dirt/sand/gravel, animal on the road, and dust and objects on the road. Another cause is vehicle defects that either come from using vehicle improperly or the vehicles its own. This may include break failure, tire blow out, steering wheel failure, load off failure, and headlight failure. The last cause is about the weather conditions which contribute the least rate of the rest causalities. In weather conditions, the riders may have accidents when it is raining and wet road.

Solutions to the traffic accident in Cambodia must be mainly focused on the human problem. It is recommended that the driving speed must be limited, the law must be reinforced, and awareness of the causes and helmet wearing must be promoted. Also, checkpoints must be set for the drunk driving especially during the weekend. Besides, other causes can be solved by improving the road safety management such as widen the road size, put the traffic lights and signs, and so on. When we can implement these solutions effectively, the number of road coalition deaths will decrease.

Written by: Oudom Bondith

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